.?5235 South Harper Court.?A 53rd Street hub for dining, shopping, entertainment, and community events, as well as one of the premiere office and residential spaces in Hyde Park.
  • .?Between 59th and 60th Streets.?Midway Plaisance is a magnificent linear stretch of parkland between Jackson and Washington parks.
  • .?5700 South Lake Shore Drive.?Located in Jackson Park, this garden features traditional Japanese elements such as an arching moon bridge, peaceful lagoons, colorful flowers, and lush plants and trees.
  • Frederick C. Robie House.?5757 South Woodlawn Avenue.?Completed in 1910, Frank Lloyd Wright’s Robie House is a National Historic Landmark and considered one of the preeminent examples of the Prairie style of architecture.
  • Arts and Culture/Entertainment
    • .?5535 South Ellis Avenue.?This acclaimed professional theater features classical plays and musical theater productions.
    • .?5238 South Harper Avenue.?This restored historic movie theater screens first-run films and includes a café that features a variety of food and beverages from Chicago-based bakeries, restaurants, and coffee shops.
    • .?5311 South Lake Park Avenue South.?This popular chef-driven restaurant and bar includes a second floor entertainment venue offering a variety of musical, comedy, dance, and spoken word events.
    • .?1160 East 55th Street.?Improvisational comedy was invented in Hyde Park in 1955 by the Compass Players. ?Inspired by their legacy, The Revival returns improvisation to its birthplace.
    Museums and Galleries
    • .?1520 East Harper Court.?Known Art gallery exhibiting the work of thought-provoking local, national, and international artists.
    • . 740 East 56th Place.?Located across the street from the Hospitals, this popular museum is devoted to preserving and interpreting the historical achievements and experiences of African Americans.
    • . 5020 South Cornell Avenue.?Hyde Park Art Center showcases work by Chicago-area artists and offers hands-on classes for artists of all ages.
    • . 5700 South Lake Shore Drive.?At this landmark museum, you can walk through a large-scale replica of the human heart, watch baby chicks hatch from their eggs, tour a coal mine, and view a breathtaking IMAX film.
    • Oriental Institute.?1155 East 58th Street.?This unique museum presents a large collection of rare artifacts from the ancient Middle East (10,000 BC – AD 650).
    • Smart Museum of Art.?5550 South Greenwood Avenue.?The University of Chicago’s fine arts museum that features a collection of 15,000 objects spanning from modern masterpieces to millenia-old Chinese artworks.
    Annual Events
    • 4th on 53rd Parade:?In this annual Fourth of July celebration, a parade of citizens and community groups winds through Hyde Park and ends up in Nichols Park, where family activities are held.
    • ?Every June, 500+ exhibitors show their handiwork during the Midwest’s oldest outdoor juried art fair.
    • ?In mid-September, the Hyde Park Bank parking lot comes alive with a modern-style Oktoberfest.
    • ?Each September, books come to life for children and their families through storytelling, singing, bookmaking, and make-believe.
    • ?Every September more than 17,000 runners take part in this 13.1-mile run, which starts and finishes in Jackson Park.
    • ?On the first Thursday of May-November, 40+ businesses on 53rd, 55th, 57th, and the surrounding streets feature special offers, discounts, samples, and more.
    • George Franklin Summer Concert Series:?Sunday afternoon concerts at 53rdStreet’s Nichols Park during July, August, and September.
    • ?Harper Court hosts summer evening concerts from 6-9 p.m. with a variety of musical performers.
    • ?On the first weekend in June, Harper Court features beer and cider from over 50 breweries, along with local food, music, and vendors.
    • ?On Thursdays from June-October, Harper Court hosts the Downtown Hyde Park Farmers Market, with live music and vendors offering fresh produce, baked goods, jams, eggs, cheese, and more.
    • ?In late September, 20,000 music lovers come to hear more than 30 jazz acts in 13 venues around campus and Hyde Park.
    • Interfaith Community Thanksgiving Service:?This community partnership is geared towards children and sponsored by the Hyde Park/Kenwood Interfaith Council and Rockefeller Memorial Chapel.
    • ?This free jazz event takes place on the first Friday of June-September at the Hyde Park Shopping Center from 12-2 p.m.
    • This popular mid-July Saturday event has become a long-standing tradition, with arts, culture, and music in a family-friendly atmosphere.

    Hyde Park Commerce

    Hyde Park is filled with international cuisines and a wide variety of walkable shops.?If you want to stroll and look around, stores and restaurants tend to be on the 57th, 55th, 53rd, and 51st/Hyde Park Blvd streets, between the perpendicular streets of Kenwood Avenue and Lakepark Avenue. Here is a?simplified map?of Hyde Park.

    To learn more about?tours?on and near campus, places to?stay, and downtown?Chicago, visit those respective pages.

    成人三级片The Information Center is located at??on the first floor of?.

    It is a hub for questions, maps, guides, and everything a visitor needs to explore the University of Chicago.

    General questions can be directed?to the Information Center.?Contact us.

    For specific questions regarding admission as an undergraduate or graduate student, visit the?Office of Undergraduate Admissions?or?Office of Graduate Admissions.

    Please refer to the contact information for?College Admissions?and?UChicago Grad.

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